As photographers we are always surrounded by couples in love. We realised quite early on that love means different things to different people. And how people show love differently. Some love to hold hands and be passionate and will freely talk about their feelings. Others, you know they love each other, but they dislike pda’s – holding hands, kissing etc. Our photography sessions aren’t lovey dovey unless we sense that’s what the couples want but we always manage to “capture love” in some way. Whether it’s between the couple, a little kiss when they think no one is looking or “that” look at each other. Or it’s the love that’s so clear between the couple and their friends. Tears in eyes. Or family… love between fathers and daughters can be particularly emotional….

So we wondered what love meant to different people – we asked and check out what we got back?

Charlie (Bride): Oh wow, it’s so many things. On the lighter side it’s back tickling and hair brushing, baths run and cups of tea. 😂 On the other side it’s security, protection and the deepest trust I’ve ever known. A knowing that we will always choose each other.

Steph (Don’t buy her flowers): Love means wanting to make someone else happy

Yvonne (Zen of Business): It means showing kindness, gratitude and being totally there for another

Claire (Bride): I cannot do one sentence!!!! Love is the most safest and beautiful feeling in the world, it’s the rainbow in sky, it’s a lighthouse, strong and ever there shining a beaming light of guidance home even in the strongest darkest sea. Love is simple too, it’s kindness, every beautiful descriptive word and the most precious gift. I love love and since I’ve met Scott its made me appreciate everyone in my life I love even more and love them more as I see how much they all love and appreciate all their love. Love is creative and giving. It’s beautiful! It’s magical! It really does make the world go round!

Callie Thorpe (Fashion/Lifestyle) blogger: Love to me is not linear it’s constantly progressing, changing and adapting to the ebbs and flows of life but above all it has strength to endure all that no matter what

Melissa (Bride): Love means a smile at the end of the day and sharing this crazy unpredictable world with someone

Sarah H(Bride): Love means never having to drink tequila alone. But seriously the best I’ve read somewhere is “Love is friendship set on fire”

Charlotte (Bride): Being able to be your best self and your worst self, knowing that person is by your side whenever, whatever.

When being with them makes your best times even better but knowing they  can fix you when you feel broken.

Catching yourself smiling when looking at them and thinking ‘he is everything’ whether they be dressed up or stood in their boxers brushing their teeth

Sara (Bride): Oh this is really lame… I always say that it’s beating your own rhythm in life and realising that someone else is beating the same rhythm back at you *cringe*

Sarah GN (Bride): My favourite quote is… “I love you, that means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what”

Annie (Bride): Love is supporting and encouraging someone to be the person they want to be…

Fiona (Bride): Having adventures with my best friend and going through life in our own little team.

Carly (Bride) -Falling in love with the whole person, including their imperfections which are perfectly imperfect in every way

Emma (Insta) – Being able to put my heart in someone else’s hands and know that its the safest it could be