Naoshima Island

If you are into art and you’re going to do one art pilgrimage in your life, it HAS to be to Naoshima, a remote island off of mainland Japan. From Osaka it takes a train, bus and ferry to get there but we promise you its worth it. It’s like nowhere in the world and we hope through our photos you will add it to your bucket list.

The story behind it is as cool as the art itself. Art can inspire, sooth and enlighten us. For Naoshima art transformed it from an island on the verge of post industrial decline to a booming art tourism destination. The community assisted arthouse Benessee Corp. in creating an island like no other. Where art museums, a design hotel and sculptures blend into the natural environment. Where traditional houses have been transformed into art projects and the timeless architecture and exhibits blend into the flora and fauna as though they were meant to be together.

We highly recommend Cafe Konichiwa (check out the photo below)…

And if you LOVE the artist Yayoi Kusama aka “the princess of polka dots” like we do, you are going to be in instagram heaven. From THE pumpkins scattered around the island in the most stunning of settings,  the polka dot bikes you can ride around the island, to the pumpkin biscuits its all so photogenic.

So if Japan is on your list just make sure you don’t miss Naoshima, its a place you will never forget. We hope you enjoy it through our eyes….