We have never seen you guys as ‘the photographers’ but instead as friends. Myself and Darren felt this immediate bond with you and Mason as soon as we met you! When we came away from our Pre Shoot we were gushing at the fact that we had just made new friends so close to our wedding and who was going to get to sit next to you on our table plan! 

Re wind to pre engagement when I watched an old uni friends insta wedding video on Facebook. I was completely blown away, crying happy tears as a result of the emotion you guys always manage to capture. That day I found myself watching complete strangers videos on your site and thinking this is so completely original…..and I am still yet to see any wedding video quite like what you guys manage to create. Fast forward a few months to when Darren proposed and after the tears and when we had both managed to compose ourselves Darren turned to me to tell me what our First Dance was going to be (a song that as we later discovered was very special to you and Mason too) and I told him how excited I was to book Instawedding! So you guys were literally with us from Day 1 of our turbulent wedding planning! 

We were one of those couples that got an absolutely ridiculous deal. I’d never looked into ‘wedding photographers’ as I never had a need to, we just knew we wanted you. But since talking to other Brides I’m slightly embarrassed at how little you actually charged us for our wedding! Even incorporating a donation to Charity as part of the deposit….this is not normal business protocol but again it is what you guys are all about which made us love you even more. 

So the Pre Shoot! I was so nervous, unlike Darren! But you guys made me feel so comfortable and I loved the day we spent with you both!

When you guys arrived on the wedding morning I was so excited to see you both and you were everything I knew you were going to be, making me feel so calm! But not just me….the mother of the bride, bridesmaids and little flower girls. In fact we were all so relaxed it was Sarah that turned to me and said you better put your dress on as you’re meant to be leaving in 10 minutes! How you managed to capture such amazing photos of me and the bridesmaids all dressed in such a short space of time I will never know! 

You guys have such a skill of capturing the most beautiful footage without people even knowing you are doing it! We had very limited posed photos but even those you managed to sneak off with us at a time when the guests were being transferred to the Tipis as you knew we wouldn’t want to miss a second of the party! One of our favourite parts of the video is at the very end, you and Darren dancing to Prince with your 8 month bump!

So yes THAT video. I cannot put into words how much our wedding video means to us. It is everything we had hoped for and a million times more. You cannot put a price on it or a wait time. It is so worth everything! We have watched it again and again…..anniversarys, with different family members but also when we’ve both been faced with hard times, watching our wedding video which perfectly sums up mine and Darren’s love for each other somehow makes everything seem ok. 

And our photos, they are beautiful! We recently moved and challenged ourselves with the task of choosing 3 to get blown up and framed. Obviously we couldn’t and we now have the most self indulgent wall ever with 12 framed photos of us!! And yes, sadly we lost Darren’s godfather last year. A beautiful natural photo you had captured of him sat proudly at his funeral and helped to bring back happy memories for all of the family of a day we all spent together. 

So there it is, my memoirs of our Instawedding experience. What was most special to us was having our love for eachother captured by a couple/ team/ husband and wife who radiate love and good vibes! I’ve said it before but #marriagegoals.

All our love Always Charlotte and Darren! xx