Sammy and Jon

You’re an absolute dream team and all our recently engaged friends have been begging to be introduced to you. 

Keep blowing your own trumpet and show that you are worth every penny and more. The moments you captured continue to bring our wedding to life every day. From the framed pictures you sent us that now hang on our bedroom wall, to the AMAZING video that we watch every time we need a smile – what you gave us was IRREPLACEABLE. 

Keep shining bright!

Charlotte and Darren

We have never seen you guys as ‘the photographers’ but instead as friends. Myself and Darren felt this immediate bond with you and Mason as soon as we met you! When we came away from our Pre Shoot we were gushing at the fact that we had just made new friends so close to our wedding and who was going to get to sit next to you on our table plan! 

Re wind to pre engagement when I watched an old uni friends insta wedding video on Facebook. I was completely blown away, crying happy tears as a result of the emotion you guys always manage to capture. That day I found myself watching complete strangers videos on your site and thinking this is so completely original…..and I am still yet to see any wedding video quite like what you guys manage to create. Fast forward a few months to when Darren proposed and after the tears and when we had both managed to compose ourselves Darren turned to me to tell me what our First Dance was going to be (a song that as we later discovered was very special to you and Mason too) and I told him how excited I was to book Instawedding! So you guys were literally with us from Day 1 of our turbulent wedding planning! 

We were one of those couples that got an absolutely ridiculous deal. I’d never looked into ‘wedding photographers’ as I never had a need to, we just knew we wanted you. But since talking to other Brides I’m slightly embarrassed at how little you actually charged us for our wedding! Even incorporating a donation to Charity as part of the deposit….this is not normal business protocol but again it is what you guys are all about which made us love you even more. 

So the Pre Shoot! I was so nervous, unlike Darren! But you guys made me feel so comfortable and I loved the day we spent with you both!

When you guys arrived on the wedding morning I was so excited to see you both and you were everything I knew you were going to be, making me feel so calm! But not just me….the mother of the bride, bridesmaids and little flower girls. In fact we were all so relaxed it was Sarah that turned to me and said you better put your dress on as you’re meant to be leaving in 10 minutes! How you managed to capture such amazing photos of me and the bridesmaids all dressed in such a short space of time I will never know! 

You guys have such a skill of capturing the most beautiful footage without people even knowing you are doing it! We had very limited posed photos but even those you managed to sneak off with us at a time when the guests were being transferred to the Tipis as you knew we wouldn’t want to miss a second of the party! One of our favourite parts of the video is at the very end, you and Darren dancing to Prince with your 8 month bump!

So yes THAT video. I cannot put into words how much our wedding video means to us. It is everything we had hoped for and a million times more. You cannot put a price on it or a wait time. It is so worth everything! We have watched it again and again…..anniversarys, with different family members but also when we’ve both been faced with hard times, watching our wedding video which perfectly sums up mine and Darren’s love for each other somehow makes everything seem ok. 

And our photos, they are beautiful! We recently moved and challenged ourselves with the task of choosing 3 to get blown up and framed. Obviously we couldn’t and we now have the most self indulgent wall ever with 12 framed photos of us!! And yes, sadly we lost Darren’s godfather last year. A beautiful natural photo you had captured of him sat proudly at his funeral and helped to bring back happy memories for all of the family of a day we all spent together. 

So there it is, my memoirs of our Instawedding experience. What was most special to us was having our love for eachother captured by a couple/ team/ husband and wife who radiate love and good vibes! I’ve said it before but #marriagegoals.

All our love Always Charlotte and Darren! xx

Patrice and Frank

Oh my FUCKING GOD! The woman is a genius!!!!!! Said Frank! It’s all amazing, thank you!!!!!!

Natalie and Jimmy

Sarah !!!! You are totally amazing and an inspiration to all! You, Mason and the whole team should be extremely proud of what you have achieved and what the future holds for you. You are the most genuinely kind lady and I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and videographer for our wedding ! I totally mean it !!!And the pics and video to prove it! I have recommended you to everyone!!! Natalie & Jimmy x x x x x x

Fiona and Shea

We absolutely loved having you as our photographers. We looked far and wide to find somebody with such a cool style and to fit the look we dreamed of. Then we met you and your lovely boys at our engagement shoot and you were so relaxed, we knew right then we’d made the right choice. You put us at ease and shared your skill and knowledge in a way that felt like we were working as a team and we knew we had no worries with you capturing the emotions and special moments of our day. We also lucked out that you guys fit our budget which we didn’t expect. Mason was so awesome on the day and everybody loved him (& his jumper) and when we received the photos everyone was blown away by how much they captured so many details along with the essence of our day which was very much based around our individual personalities. You guys rock!

Jo and Pete

I feel so honoured to have been one of your brides, and honoured to now be able to call you a friend. You captured our hearts with a click with a huge smile on you face. Your strength, passion, and creativity has inspired us beyond comprehension.

Lydia and Lee

“You should blow your own trumpet because you’re an actual super woman! We were so lucky to have you guys for our wedding. You always went above and beyond what we paid for! You helped me plan everything from Cyprus, in such a short time frame! I really didn’t have much of a clue what I was doing and no sense of how to go about styling the wedding! You honestly took on the role of a wedding planner, it’s obvious you are a perfectionist and you treated our wedding as if it was your own! You even put your jacket down for me to sit on so my dress wouldn’t get dirty when were taking photos outside, which I felt terrible doing but you wouldn’t hear it! I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and feeling a bit rubbish, I was incredibly nervous and the day just goes so quickly that you barely have a chance to take it all in so when we received the first lot of photos and our amazing video I couldn’t be happier to relive the day and appreciate everything with hindsight. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on it’s the photos because they are the only thing that will last forever, aside from the marriage, hopefully! There’s so much crap that you’re made to feel that you need to buy to create the perfect day but really it’s all about the people and celebration of your marriage. Our photos and video captured our day amazingly and we have had so many compliments for both. We really can’t thank you both enough for everything! So much love to you!”

Lucy and Matt

I remember walking away from your stand at the wedding fayre and knowing that we needed to have you at our special day…after knowing that I wanted to marry Matt, there was nothing else that I was anywhere near as sure of (not the dress, the venue, any of it). When I came home I showed Matt my spreadsheet of all the pros and cons of the different photography options and he told me that there was no question, I clearly knew who I wanted. It was the best decision that we made about our wedding! Every single step of the way you and Mason were perfect. Your emails were speedy, kind and thoughtful. We left our pre-shoot feeling so much more relaxed and like we’d made 2 new friends. And from the moment you arrived at the house on our wedding day, I was at ease. I can’t tell you how much we love our photos and our video! You captured so many beautiful, special, once in a lifetime moments, including gorgeous images of some of the last moments we spent with loved ones. Every single person who has ever watched our video has said how much they adore it and how talented you both clearly are. You and Mason have a genuine talent and you bring so much happiness to people on such a special day. We will never stop recommending you or telling people how amazing you are. Matt and Luce”

Em and John

You guys were the best wedding photographers we could have asked for and totally got us from the start. You made us feel very comfortable (especially as we were reluctant to have photos taken in the first place!) and totally fitted into our day seamlessly. We love looking back at our photos as they captured the fun of the day perfectly and the video makes me cry every time!! Thank you for being part of our day, and keeping in touch since. We hope to see you soon. All the love, Em and John xxxx

Yvonne and Joni

“You are very special people and have what I call moral courage ! It’s this authenticity, that shines through all you do and all you are . Joni and I (75 & 60 years young) respectively had you record our wedding 2 years ago and I can only say that the love , kindness and beauty you brought to that event was truly tangible”

Hayley and Chris

I could not fault you guys as a company and I had such amazing pics which created beautiful memories of my memorable day. Even a beautiful pic taken of my Grandad who we sadly lost after the wedding. So not just wedding pictures you create everlasting memories of all our loved ones at such great value. I suppose that’s why you’re in such high demand. Thank you

Laura and Dean

“Sarah and Mason were beyond our expectations. Sarah was a joy to talk to, she asked questions about us and you felt she genuinely wanted to get to know you, something which I just don’t think is that common in the wedding industry. Mason came on the day to video our wedding and he was so so lovely. Even taking a sneaky selfie in the wedding car cause he loved it so much haha! We had only booked for a video to be done, after uming and ahhing for a long time whether we “needed” it and if the budget could stretch. They were so reasonably priced and we loved their work so much we went for it and I am so so glad we did. The video is the most amazing thing, we still watch it back regularly and fall in love with it over and over again. Mason even took some photos as a bonus for us, which he completely did not have to do but we were so grateful for them. My only regret is that we didn’t book Instawedding for our photography as well but we had already booked our photographer when we found them. The photos they took are among my most favourite from the day and I’m so glad we had them there. They are so dedicated and passionate about what they do, not to mention skilled!! I am envious of their abilities and wish I could have half their talent and drive with photography and videography. They definitely reignited an old love for the art within me that I hope to put more effort in to our own family memories now. Thanks both, you guys are the coolest!”

Dani and Steve

‘I’ve been keeping an eye on your page and have fallen in love with the videos and how you document everything. Gorgeous! How in advance are you taking bookings?’

This was on 01/02/2015 and our reception venue wasn’t even booked only the church. No times had been confirmed, just a church, booked the day beforehand… for 28 months later. Yet I knew I wanted Sarah/ Mason to be a part of our big day.

Talking to Sarah throughout the whole process was like talking to an old friend. Nothing asked was too much, and I asked ALOT over the two years prior. She offered advise as well honesty and the conversations were never a burden. Even when I felt like I was bombarding Sarah it was never too much hassle.

We met Mason a couple of weeks before the wedding and the meeting was so relaxed that any nerves we had about our day and what we needed went. Not that there was any! On the day Mason arrived and did what he promised… would catch moments I could only have dreamed off! I actually had friends ask after the wedding if we knew the photographer as he was so friendly and down to earth.

The video!!! Where do I start?? I thought they must have worked some magic to make everyone’s videos look so amazing and romantic…. until we received ours. I think I cried throughout and even my husband now gets chocked up watching it months later. The moments caught that I didn’t realise we’re happening will be cherished forever. We had a lot of children at our wedding and the cheekiness of those was captured perfectly. As well as the tears, laughs and little smiles from all other guests. It exceeded my expectations and sums up our wedding perfectly. Even a little snippet of me swearing made the cut- which sums us up as a couple to a tee and Mason clearly realised that from our brief meeting and spending the day with us. The photos too are perfect and again like the video moments were caught that not only we missed but also may have just taken as small things on the day. 

I cannot and will not recommend you guys enough. And from the bottom of our hearts thank you! What you have given us will last a lifetime and I cannot wait until we can sit with our children and grandchildren and watch the film with such beautiful memories of the most perfect day of our life so far.

As a mother and a wife, you Sarah are an inspiration. And as I have recently become a wife and am soon to become a mum I have nothing but admiration for you, your family and your dedication to your work.

Sophie and Sam

Sam and I could not have been happier with the incredible way you both captured our special day. The results were amazing but what stood out more was how professional, kind and just lovely you both were on our wedding day. You even trekked to Cornwall to photograph us. I can’t put into words how pleased we were, and still are with your work. I was drawn to your unique style and I can honestly say I would have waited forever to receive the pictures and video that we will treasure for a lifetime because of the personal touch you put into every single shot.

Tarani and Dom

Dom and I have been raving about you all weekend. We thought you were both absolutely fabulous. We love you as humans and love the work you do. Thank you so much for being part of our special day. The video was so beautiful. Its captured so many moments we didn’t get to see. I’m going to be watching it on repeat for months! Slightly want to be your friends ha ha (hashtag beg a friend!) To see you guys again would be A DREAM!

Layla’s mum

“I met Mason who was Layla’s wedding photographer last Sunday. My daughter is always (well nearly always) right and I loved Mason’s personality and style. After seeing his photos I was completely blown away. We have photos that are utterly priceless.”

Siobhan and Frankie

 I honestly think you’re amazing, as our are photos, they were everything we wanted them to be and more. You made us feel so relaxed and you knew what we wanted. Thank you again for capturing our special day. Much love Siobhan, Frankie and Eve xxx

Lucy and Jon

From first meet, the pre-wedding call to the day, I felt so relaxed and you took the time to get to know us and understand what was important to us. Mason made us feel so at home on the day, despite us being a little camera shy! And the photos and video captured our day so perfectly, and the little touches were amazing. I still can’t keep looking at them.

You are amazing people, amazing at what you do and you are passionate about your work. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

Phuong and Daniel

“We were so pleased with the level of service you and Mason provided for us which we hadn’t expected and we really couldn’t have asked for more. You were an absolute delight to work with and we wish the best for you!”

Nikki and Dean

You was such an amazing couple to work with, you was always quick to reply to our messages and questions and was so lovely I felt as though I was talking to a friend. As for our wedding day, we were quite uncomfortable in front of the camera but you were amazing and so friendly and we have the most lovely photos to show for it, so many in fact that I have 11 framed around the house!

Lucie and Andy

STILLLLL so IN LOVE with our photos. They are THE BEST.

Abby and Matt

You are a SUPERWOMAN/mum/wife/boss and far more than that! I was so blessed to have been pointed your way for our wedding. From the first email to Mason’s expertise on the wedding day and literally calming me down from having a full blown melt down to capturing our day so perfectly and by far more than I could have hoped for and dreamed of you were an absolute pleasure to work with and helped me through the whole process more than you will ever know!

Georgina and Olly

You were a HUGE part of our wedding day. Not just for the incredible photos now framed all over our house (and the moment you sent me the first round of snaps on day 2 of honeymoon, sitting by the pool just days after the wedding) I remember feeling on cloud 9 honestly – being there and receiving so quickly these beautiful personal memories of the best days of our lives) but it was like having extra mates to hang out with, such a laugh – and everyone commented what fun and hardworking photographers we had! You deserve every success for your talent and hard work.

Georgia and Nick

Nick and I were so happy we found you guys to capture our special day. We loved the fact we could relate with both you and Mason on a personal level and you didn’t make us feel ‘cringed’ whilst taking our photos.’
You felt like one of our wedding guests.. slipping perfectly into our laid back atmosphere. Not to mention sewing up one of our bridesmaid dresses! Both our pictures and video are amazing and loved buy everyone!

Sarah and Simon

Mason was so amazing at our wedding and we’ve had so many people asking where we found him and saying how lovely he is! He even offered to get hold of a wedding ring as the best man lost mine! We booked you because of your amazing talent and style!

Holly and Tom

Not only are you the most talented photographers I know but you made our wedding day complete and we could not have asked for anything more. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Your talent is unique and and what I love is that you are a normal hardworking family that continues to strive no matter what life throws at you! Your personalities shine in everything that you do, on the day of our wedding and your work throughout afterwards.

Tiba and Marl

We clicked from the moment we met and there has been such a great synergy between us all creatively, dynamically but also as friends. We FUCKING love you guys! Love shooting and filming with you, love the images and vids but especially the BANTS and LOLS! Your brand creatively rocks and we always say how lucky we are to have you in Team Tiba. We feel you are part of our brand and its evolution!

Albina and Jim

I hadn’t found anyone to photograph our wedding that I truly loved but my friend Sarah recommended you. I instantly fell in love with them. I spoke to you on the phone for over an hour and straight away felt like we got on swimmingly and I knew I had made the right choice. I don’t know what you do but when we went for our pre shoot you made us both feel so relaxed. Our wedding photos are so beautiful and we have had so many compliments. You truly captured Jim and I, not a Pinterest idea of what a bride and groom should look like. It is the REAL us and our personality shines through. Keep doing what you do! You are THE BEST!

Charlie and Tom

From the beginning to the end we could not recommend you highly enough. I thought I’d struggle to find a photographer that would get the sort of images we wanted something very natural and not posed at all. As soon as I found you, I knew you were for us then after speaking to you it only confirmed it. You completely understood the brief I gave and put my mind completely at rest, especially as we only had 6 weeks until the big day. You felt like part of the wedding and at a very intimate wedding I felt like that was quite an accomplishment. You helped me get ready in the morning, entertaining my 1 year old and helping with music and last minute bits. You were a god send. My whole family commented on how amazing you were. Then onto the finished product…. We LOVE the photos so much, they’re exactly what we wanted. You captured the day perfectly and brought our memories to life. I recommend you to everyone as what you managed to capture is one of a kind!

Carly and Paul

I can’t think of anyone else we would have wanted on board!? I’v watched my film so many times and cried every single time. I can’t believe how much everyone enjoyed themselves! I know we get told they did but to actually see it – as you don’t really get to on the day – is AMAZING!

Glenda and Tom

Oh wow we love it all so much! We’ve loved reliving it all! Thanks again for everything!

Sarah Starrs

“Having you as part of our wedding was sooooo incredibly special. The video you created for our wedding was one of most precious possessions – we rewatch it regularly! You’re a truly gifted person and derserve every ounce of success you’ve achieved – long may it continue.”

Nicci and Tom

“You created a memory that I will treasure forever, my wedding video. One of the very first video’s you shot and edited. You have grown from strength to strength (clearly not just as a person) but as a small business into a rightfully deserving and successful company capturing memories for people to look back on forever. Seeing my Dad’s face in the video, when he saw me in my dress for the first time was amazing, and having complete strangers comment in awe of what you captured will stay with me forever. Recommending you to everyone I know… (which I will continue to do so).
You make people’s memories come to life and I am looking forward to the many more stills and videos you capture along your wedding journey’s… but not only as Insta Wedding but as a family and the adventures you have ahead and the memories you will make together… thank you for making my memories last forever.”

Rebecca and Matt

I was one of the incredibly lucky ones who secured your services for such a low price. My friend said I would regret not having a video. I said to you after I received the finished product that you were much underselling yourselves. What you produced was absolutely priceless. My only regret from the day was that you did not do my photos. From start to finish, working with you was easy. On the day you made yourself invisible capturing everything but interrupting nothing. The outcome is my favourite memento of the best day of my life.

Danielle and Matt

“We ummed and ahhhed over having a videographer and wasn’t sure whether it would be something we’d watch for the first few months and then forget about, but you captured parts of the day that we would never have even known about if it wasn’t for your talent and hard work. I won’t admit to probably watching our film once a month (whoops) and that our little girl has already had her first viewing and she’s only 15 weeks old. I’m sure when she’s older she’ll think our music choices were dodgy and that my dress was so 2015 but the smiles and love you captured won’t age. We’ve never hesitated to recommend you and have seen you at so many of our friend’s and family weddings that one just wouldn’t be the same without you guys now.  All our love, Danielle, Matt & Orla (one of instawedding’s youngest fans!) xxx

Fay and David

Instawedding were a perfect part of our perfect wedding day! All of our communication with Sarah was easy, lovely (because she is a babe), really fun and informative. She was incredibly helpful, gave us lots of advice and was happy to adapt our package to what we wanted for our special day.

Mason came out to take the pictures on our day and I cannot get across enough how brilliant he is. He immediately put me at ease, I was completely comfortable – in fact, all of our guests repeatedly let me know what a lovely, talented person he was. Not only did we enjoy his company and feel brilliant, our photographs are fantastic and really get across how we felt on the day. It was so fun, I could do it all again! As well as going ahead to scout out some excellent locations for our pics at the venue, he made sure we got all of the photos that we had asked for with all the right people.
The incredible speed at which we got our first pics was such a lovely touch – it meant that we could relive and remember the day so soon afterwards, and really kept up that special feeling. When we received the full set of pictures later, we were absolutely thrilled, and the framed prints are absolutely stunning, too. People always comment on how gorgeous our pictures were and how everyone looks so happy in them. Thanks to Mason and Sarah, we will always have the perfect record of our wedding day. Thank you so much Instawedding – we love you! xxx

Louise and Dean

You and mason are such wonderful people and I will always recommend you and you have given me memories I will now have forever. Everyone and I mean everyone couldn’t say enough nice things about you both. You will go on to do huge things throughout your life and I feel privileged to have met you and have you at my wedding.
You truly are amazing.

Pia loves George

Your hard work, motivation and general happiness is a god send. You made our wedding memories so very special and captured such an amazing video, almost one year on and I still watch it all the time…and we have this forever so I will always be thankful!

Hazel loves Sean

Love you so much. Words cannot explain how much we cherish our wedding photos and videos. From the moment I met you I liked you! You have this sparkle something so rare in humans! You have the ability to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and completely at ease. I found myself walking along Rochester high street having a lovely a peaceful stroll with someone who could have been a friend of years! You are one of the most inspiring nurturing and all round lovely people I have ever had the privelege to meet. My wedding day will resignate with me forever and you were a big part of that xxxxx love you petal! Never change you’re awesome xxxxxx

Kara loves Craig

You are truly amazing! I’m so glad that I saw your video of Sherrie’s wedding as I didn’t even want a video but we both loved it and so glad we went with you. Our video is beautiful and so many people have said so too! I still recommend you to everyone that gets married and will always do.

Shen and Eva

Sarah, you truly are one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’ll always be forever grateful for our wedidng video from you, it captured our day perfectly. I’m so glad I stumbled across you guys, it really has been life changing! and also, erm getting to name your child, well! that’s another story tho hahah! Oh god that hangover!). Love you long time. xxx

Louise loves Gavin

Our video was just so much more amazing than I ever thought it could be! I will be recommending your services to everyone.

Katie loves Tom

You really are incredible…not only ambitious, extremely creative and successful, but courageous, brave and resilient. We adored our wedding video and will cherish it forever. Katie and Tom (one of the very lucky early instaweddings

Katie and Alex

The video you did for Kate and I has now has been watched a ridiculous amount of times and is such a brilliant record of our day! We decided fairly last minute to have a video and hired you guys on a recommendation from our best friends. It turned out to be one of our best decisions EVER. Not only was it a joy to meet you and share our wedding day with you, we now have a beautiful reminder of your happiest day with we still watch embarrassingly frequently!

Sam and Richard

My wedding video is my absolute treasure!!!! I can’t tell you how much my husband and I love and will do forever. What you do is so special and I never dreamt that I would get what I got from you guys for the price you charge! It’s like you do it simply because you love doing it and not just for the money and that really shows in your work. Thank you for everything and wishing you all the luck and love in the world 

Sarah and Shaun

We could not speak more highly of you guys! We have has SO many comments on how amazing the video is! I could watch it over and over again!

Sophie loves Ashley

Oh wow we love love love it! Thank you so much! You captured everything perfectly as I knew you would!

Camilla and Nick

You are the most amazing person and an absolute inspiration. I feel truly blessed that you captured our special day for us you have such a special gift.